We’re Growing for Change!

A Campaign for a World of Difference:

We’re growing and we want you to grow with us! Whether you come in to plant the seed, tend a tree or join our team of sustaining partners we promise the fruits of your labor.  To join the Growing for Change Campaign you can chose the level that best suits you, your family, your business or organization. In honour of your contribution we will place an individualized, customized, engraved plaque in the name of choice, on our fence.

  1. Seed – $54 (great for individuals or small organizations…) A necessary place to start in the garden, in fact this generous contribution provides the garden with approximately 9 packs of seed. Now that’s got the potential to feed a few  mouths!
  2. Sprout –$90 (great for a family, organization, 2 friends, a couple…) The sprout represents life and this level of giving will place a whole lot of life into our upcoming Passport to Permaculture Kids Camp Program!
  3. Plant –$360 (a large family, small business, lover of the garden…) Our plants provide food for nourishment and giving at the plant level will not only nourish a few little young bodies, it may just feed your soul as well!  And that’s just ‘cause giving is good!
  4. Tree –$540 (a corporate gift to the garden, a group of philanthropists) A tree brings the fruits of your labor year and after year and it reminds us that real investments always have a return.
  5. Sustaining Partners – $1800/yr + for 2 year commitment ( to create a sustainable and lasting partnership) Partnership packages available to help our shared visions flourish.

 How We’re Growing and Making Change:

 The World in a Garden has developed expansion plans in Vancouver on a new site where we will increase the number of honey bee hives and be growing fish (aquaponics), vertical walls and maybe chickens (depends on approval). Our diverse food production will provide an increase of community education and access to good, local food in an urban setting. Our first international project will be with Project Somos in Tecpan, Guatemala where they are building an eco-village for orphaned and abandoned children. Our long term vision is to have 10 gardens (around the globe) that focus on the cultural connections to food and the traditional uses of it.

 We know your investment in The World In A Garden is helping to inspire change – from the ground up. As we say around here,  Do good to create good. It inspires change. We plan to connect cultures around the world though our one uniting thread – food. It has benefited thousands in Vancouver and will help thousands more as we expand.

For other ways to be involved please visit: Campaigns for Change

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