What our garden is wishing for…

  • Explanatory signs for our self-guided walking tour – would love to partner with some artists for this project!
  • Solar-powered small fridge  we have the design, now we just need the equipment
  • Shelving System to keep our shed  organized
  • A Really Nice Greenhouse this is probably our “biggest” wish!
  • Fold up table to invite more folks to the table, especially garden potlucks
  • Compost aerator to speed up the composting process
  • Produce wash bins/tubs because carrots sometimes come with a little soil
  • Step ladder for smaller garden visitors and for hard to reach storage
  • Large broom, small broom and dust pan to keep the shed tidy
  • “Jiffy” seed sprouting container it’s a miniature greenhouse to start seeds
  • Empty berry containers for raspberry, blackberry, and blueberry harvests!
  • Organic Seeds these are always useful at the garden 😉
  • A Kids Picnic Table because children are the seeds of the future.

The World In A Garden would love all of these additions to make the garden an even better place.  Recycled items are often better than new.

Have an item on the list you’d like to give to us?

Post ideas below or reply with any offers of stuff on our list!

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