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Harvest In The City – with kale!

Eat More Kale with The World In A Garden

Join us next week to kick off our autumn workshop series  – Harvest in the City.

On Wednesday, Sept. 19.12 at 7 pm to celebrate kale with recipes, tastings, tips  &  The Book of Kale from our very own Chef Katie Lysakowski & Nutritionist, Tricia Sedgwick, at Whole Foods Market Cambie!

To find out more about our workshop series or to register, click here.

There's so many reasons to love kale - come learn why!

There’s so many reasons to love kale – come learn why!


Hungry for Change? We are! Join us in our Hungry $4 Change Challenge & Food Stamped Film Screening

Get Hungry for Change with The World in a Garden

Join The World In A Garden, Jewish Film Festival &  JFSA for the “Hungry $4 Change Challenge”
Can you eat healthy, nutritious food on $4/day? From June 8 – 11th we invite you to take the “Hungry $4 Change Challenge”

Did you know that over 700,000 Canadians live on a $4/day food budget?

We challenge you to live the Food Stamped film and eat within the $4/day food budget for four days. Join other challengers by posting your meal ideas and experiences on our Facebook page leading up to the June 12th film screening of Food Stamped. 

For more information about joining the “Hungry $4 Change Challenge” or to be entered in our draw to win a Vij’s cookbook or a workshop from The World In A Garden’s Seed to Table workshop series email

Please note that all winners will be announced at the film screening and must be present to claim their prize.

Workshops of Plenty

What in the world is growin’ on at The World In A Garden?

Click on the images or visit our Events Page for more information!

On MARCH 6TH, we will be holding our first workshop of the season, focusing on INDOOR GARDENING. TWIAG will be joined by Ilana Labow of Fresh Roots Urban Farm. Ilana gained a great deal of knowledge working with Will Allen for several years on the urban farm project, Growing Power. She has some valuable information about soil fertility to share with us!

On MARCH 20TH, get back to the garden for our 2nd annual POTATO FUSION WORKSHOP. We will be teaming up with Project Somos as we fuse together potatoes & lettuce to create tasty and nutritious treats! Project Somos is establishing a sustainable eco-village in Guatemala for orphaned and abandoned children. All proceeds will be donated to TWIAG & Project Somos.

On APRIL 24TH, come celebrate EARTH DAY 2011 with TWIAG! We will be pairing with Growing City to discuss the importance of urban agriculture, do some digging in the garden, and feast in honor of Mother Earth!

These are just a few of MANY events that we will be hosting in the upcoming season. Keep your ears & eyes open for more information on The World In A Garden  2011 Workshop Series.  In the mean time, here are some fun facts about indoor gardening & potatoes!

  • Houseplants can remove harmful air toxins by absorbing them and emtting precious life-giving oxygen.
  • Houseplants also produce a more oxygen-rich environment by raising humidity. This is correlated with higher productivity in the workplace.
  • Houseplants filter allergens from the air.
  • You can grow plants all year long!
  • They beautify the home!

Potayto, potahto

  • With all those carbohydrates, potatoes are easy to digest and can actually facilitate digestion!
  • A single baked potato will also provide you with 11.7% of the daily value for fiber, but remember the fiber in potatoes is mostly in their skin. In addition there is a concentration of nutrients directly beneath the skin which is often peeled away!
  • The nutrients in potatoes (Vitamin C, Vitamin B-complex, potassium, magnesium, etc.) are great for the skin.
  • The nutrients found in potatoes also improve brain functioning.
  • The fiber in potatoes helps to lower cholesterol and improves the functioning of insulin in the body, ultimately lowering blood pressure.

We look forward to seeing you soon!!


Thank you to everyone who came out to A Fresh Event! Our wonderful sponsors and volunteers made for smooth sailing as we hosted over 200 people at the Ridge Theatre. We recieved ample praise for the tasty food and drinks as well as our organization partners who had lots to share on sustainable food systems. With raffle prizes from Choices Market, FarmFolkCityFolk, Seeds of Plenty, Ethical Bean & Edible British Columbia in addition to our artisan gift bags… who could ask for more?

Of course there was more, there was the film FRESH and it was fabulous. As I farewelled our guests at the door numerous individuals shared that the film positively influenced them and the way they think about food. Heck, I was inspired from all the inspiration floating around the theatre. So again thank you to each one of you who came last Thursday and  most importantly The World in a Garden sends an overwhelming thank you to our event partner, FarmFolkCityFolk.
Ms. Magee, you are a charm and you know how to make things happen 🙂 and Nicholas Scapillati, the new Executive Director at FFCF, it’s great to have you on board!

– Home Grow-in Grocer, Hardbite Chips, Tower Foods Antipasto, Wendy Boys’ Cocolico chocolate sauce, JB’s Candy Store Home-made Caramel Popcorn, Green Zebra, Vij’s, Rocky Mountain Flatbread Company, Choices Markets, Edible British Columbia, Terra Breads and Seeds of Plenty. Pouring farm to table refreshments: Ethical Bean Coffee, Farmstead Wines, Crannog Ales and Dao Tea.
PARTNER ORGANIZATIONS:– Foodtree, Environmental Youth Alliance, Sole Food, Project Somos and Fresh Roots

A FRESH Event Organizers (Tricia and Bonita) with Dominic of Rocky Mountain Flatbread Co.

REDEFINE LOCAL on July 11th!

Native Edible Plants Workshop July 11th


Celebrate with us and our amazing community partners, Growing City and Choices Market, at 1188 West 57th and East Blvd, The World in a Garden, Vancouver

An Earth Day Celebration of all Things Green

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POTATO FUSION: where potatoes meet lettuce

Whether you are a seasoned urban farmer or just love potatoes this interactive and fun workshop fundraiser will get you growing.

Reusing burlap sacs, we will plant highly nutritious organic potatoes at the bottom and lettuce plants at the top – it’s a potato fusion! All plants and materials will be supplied so just BYOG (bring your own gloves) and go home with a sac of potatoes (and lettuce).

Workshop proceeds will be donated to The World in a Garden and Project Somos Children’s Village, Guatemala. We’ll be teaching our children the same gardening skills to last a lifetime!

Click here for event poster: