A few Potatoes and a World of Difference

Want to make a world of difference, starting with a sac of potatoes? Stunning Peruvian spuds. Peru just signed another 10 year ban on Monsanto. One of the few South American countries to stand strong.

The World In A Garden & Project Somos, an eco-village for orphaned and abandoned children in Guatemala, are teaming up again for the third annual Potato Fusion!

What is “potato fusion” and why are we doing it?

Potato Fusion is a simple way to grow potatoes in an urban setting (small space). You’ll grab a reused coffee sac, fill it with soil and organic/local seed potatoes, and top it off with an organic lettuce starter plant. While you wait for your potato harvest, watch the lettuce grow and chow down! Watch this video to see how it works.

Tricia teaches children about planting seeds in Guatemala with Project Somos.

There are about 5,000 varieties of potatoes worldwide. With the widespread use of agricultural practices like mono-cropping, in which one variety of a crop is grown, biodiversity is threatened, crops are more susceptible to being wiped out by pests and disease and food security is compromised. TWIAG & Project Somos are educating and engaging communities around these issues, and actively making change so that future generations are part of resilient and just food systems.

Project Somos hit the ground running this past year. They have started construction of their sustainable eco-village in Tecpan, Guatemala, and Tricia had the opportunity to spend some time there last year, literally planting seeds with the children in the village. To learn more about Project Somos, watch this heart-warming video about their vision and work in Guatemala.

TWIAG supports Project Somos because we share similar values. We believe in the power of small communities to make big changes in the world. This is why TWIAG’s vision is to have TEN gardens around the world.

Farmers in the field down the road from Ekumfi Ekotsi, a community in Mankessim, Central Region, Ghana.

This past winter, Alicia spent two months exploring agriculture in West Africa. Making her way through Ghana, Burkina Faso, Benin and Togo, she spoke to rural farmers, market women, locals, NGO workers, Peace Corps volunteers and more, about the state of agriculture in this part of Africa. The farmers are the hardest working people she met along the way, but because of barriers such as inadequate funds and water inaccessibility, they are often unable to support their families with this livelihood. Consequently, most of them express a desire for their children to abandon farming and get jobs in the city. You can read more about Alicia’s experiences on her blog.

We are changing the lives of people around the world from the ground up. Our vision includes Africa, where we will educate and empower individuals and their communities to create sustainable livelihoods, thriving food systems and a healthier future for all.

So let’s start with our local food system. Produce your own potatoes. Grow your own lettuce instead of grabbing for a bunch from the shelf of the grocery store. Join us for Potato Fusion on March 25th! Read below or click here for more info.

Potato Fusion. Sunday, March 25th, 2012. 11AM & 12:30PM. $20/workshop. Proceeds benefit Project Somos.

Can’t make it? Pick up a potato fusion kit for $15 between 3-7PM on Monday, March 26th or Thursday, March 29th.

Register for the workshop or pre-order your potato kit! Just e-mail Alicia: abaddorf@jfsa.ca

RSVP on Facebook for the latest updates!

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  1. What a fantastic project and blog! Love what you are doing here. Very cool – proving that green IS the new black!


  2. […] This Earth Day, Sunday April 22nd, 4.30 – 5.30 pm you can create your own potato sacs at our Main Street or Kits location – planting potatoes in the bottom of a bulap coffee sac & salad transplants at the top – how fun & delicious!  And all donations will be given to World In A Garden & Project Somos.  https://theworldinagarden.wordpress.com/2012/03/11/1819/ […]


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