Giving Gifts of Change This Season

Well, it seems that the holiday season has arrived. It means something different for everyone, but mostly it equates to stressful shopping sprees, countless social engagements, a bloated tummy and a heaping pile of wrapping paper that leaves us feeling unfulfilled.

Try something different this year.

Here are some ways to give back to the garden, create healthy change in yourself and others, and make this holiday season a memorable and fulfilling one!

  • Give a gift with meaning by supporting our Growing for Change CampaignChoose the level of donation you’d like to make, and we’ll place an individualized, customized, engraved plaque in the name of choice, on our fence.
  • Cleanse for Change. It’s tempting to gorge on holiday treats and goodies, but why do it? Maintain, don’t gain. Try the 30-Day Health & Wellness System from Isagenix and $25 of the purchase will be donated to The World in a Garden.
  • Join us at Greens Market on Thursday, December 8th, for a holiday celebration of local and organic food! Start your day with an organic pancake breakfast (10am-1:30pm), then enjoy seasonal tastings, raffle prizes and in-store discounts from 2-7pm. All donations benefit The World in a Garden. Feels good to support local.

Looking for ways to make your holiday more environmentally-friendly this year?

Click here for some creative ways to wrap presents and minimize your carbon footprint this year.

Plus, here’s a great resource from Full Circle Farm (WA) for preparing your holiday dinner.

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