A Harvest Celebration of Multicultural Proportions!

We’re bringing The World to the Garden and you’re invited!  Join us in celebrating the local harvest on a global scale –  Growing for Change celebrates harvests from around the planet and the cultural traditions that come along with them.

WHAT: Growing for Change: A Multicultural Harvest Celebration

WHEN: Sunday, October 23rd, 12-4pm

WHERE: Outdoors at The World In A Garden, West 57th & East Blvd.

COST: FREE! Donations are appreciated 🙂

Whether you’re hungry for local food, intrigued by cultural heritage, craving some tunes and beets, looking for fun activities to educate the kids- well, we’ve got everything covered!

This harvest celebration offers an abundance of activity for everyone. Here’s what you can look forward to:

  • Activities for the kids including a seed saving hunt and harvest bingo
  • Workshops with multicultural learning and local food samples
  • Garden tours: Around The World in 15 minutes
  • BBQ across the street at Choices Market – keep your nose open for roasted garlic!
  • LIVE MUSIC from Wheely Slow Cooking Tour

Who is the Wheely Slow Cooking Tour? We recently had the privilege of meeting Julia and Shera, the gals that make up this musical duo, and even heard a couple of their tunes live! This past summer, these ladies embarked on a unique journey in which they performed their music on sustainable farms across Canada and cooked loving meals for their hosts! Not only did they establish meaningful relationships with the communities where they played, but also gained a deeper appreciation for sustainable living and our sacred connection to land and food. We are very grateful to have Julia and Shera join our community as we celebrate the harvest season!

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  1. I never joined that event before as well as my kids. I love to join that event this year, is it yearly? I hope it is. I love my kids to have fun there and having a tour on the garden to see some educational seeings and learn more. By the way thanks for this blog 🙂


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