Supporting Local

There’s no better way to remedy the summer heat than with a salad with fresh ingredients from the garden! If you aren’t growing your own veggies, get your produce at local farmers/pocket markets…why?

  • Meet your maker– it’s personal at the markets! Buy your produce from the source, find out what these local growers are all about, and support their hard work (because believe me, it’s not easy).
  • Lower your footprint– instead of being shipped across the country, local markets offer food grown nearby and transported shorter distances- sometimes by bike! This means lower carbon emissions AND fresher food!
  • Eat in season– experience the many benefits of eating fresh food in season…you get the most nutrients & seasonal food is packed with flavor! YUM!

Find The World In A Garden & other local vendors at the Westside Pocket Market every Thursday from 3-7pm at Kits House, Vine & 7th and be sure to check out these other awesome markets:

Southlands: Sundays, 12-4pm, @ 6767 Balaclava Street

Oak Street Farmers Market: Wednesdays, 3-7pm@ Oak & 49th (Unitarian Church)


Beet the heat with these simple recipes made with the garden basics:

Mixed Greens Salad with Roasted Beets

Beet & Quinoa Salad

Beet & Fennel Soup

Beet Bread

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