All Food Starts In The Raw…

Everytime I spend a day in the garden, I find myself constantly satisfying my palet with fresh sprigs of fennel, indulging in sweet raspberries and munching on hearty leaves of kale. Raw foods are packed with energy- they are rejuvenating, refreshing AND full of nutrients! Sustaining a healthy diet with plenty of unprocessed, fresh food will give anyone an energy kick, both mentally and physically!

The Why

Uncooked and unprocessed food optimizes health by alkalizing your body. Heating food above 118 degrees F creates acidic toxins that accumulate and disrupt your body’s acid/alkaline balance. By eating more raw food, your body can eliminate the toxins created when you cook and the beneficial enzymes that help with digestion stay intact.

WHY does raw food give me more energy? Raw food contains simple sugars, enzymes, nutrients, and minerals that our bodies need in an easily digestible form.  Since less energy is needed for digestion, you have more energy for other activities! 

Raw food: A Natural Detox? Raw food contains lots of fiber, which allows your body to release mucus, toxins, and accumulated waste.  When you fresh, raw food, your body can focus on detoxing—instead of having to focus on digesting unhealthy, artificially processed packaged foods.

Anti-aging benefits? Raw food contains antioxidants, which play a big role in reducing the signs of aging.  Free radical damage causes oxidation, the central process of aging. The antioxidants and micronutrients in raw foods reduce free radical damage, and help prevent the signs of aging.

To learn more and how to prepare food in the raw, join The World In A Garden for:


Monday, August 29th, 6-9PM

Indigo Food Cafe

2589 West 16th Ave

To register: | 604-257-5151 ext. 213

More info here!

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