From Seed to Table…we’re living the process, read on to find out how!

What’s Seed to Table? It’s the organic process that brings food to your plate!

The World in a Garden is comitted to this process by educating, growing and distibuting healthy, clean and fresh, FRESH food.

How? Check out what we are up to this week and this summer:

1. We’re serving up Pizza with Purpose tomorrow night at Rocky Mountain Flatbread – check out the poster here where you can also order our pizza themed planters: veggie, herb and spicy!

2. We will be selling some of our fresh produce at the Oak Street Market on Wednesday, June 15th from 3 – 7. Join TWIAG and other local farmers.

3. The 1st of our 9 series 2011is happening this weekend on Sunday, June 19th. It’s Winter Gardening

4. Our Passport to Permaculture kids camp is also happening – soon. Check out our poster here:

Join us and share the bounty of the work we are doing for a food secure tomorrow. We’re hungry for change and every healthy bite makes a difference!

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