We’re Hungry for Change and We’re Doing Something About It

8 Reasons to Get Out this Sunday and Fill Your Hunger for a Better World…

  1. You will be watching our feature film, Food Stamped,  www.foodstamped.com,  and it’s entertainingly and award winningly fabulous!
  2. You will be supporting the work of a great cause, The World In A Garden. We’re committed to building a more just food system with healthy, fresh food for all.
  3. When you purchase tickets ONLINE  today you will be entered to win a gift basket from Seeds of Plenty & The World in a Garden, valued at  $150!
  4. We’re serving up delectable treats from our amazing sponsors: Greens Organic Market, Terra Chips, Garden of Eatin’, Seeds of Plenty and Ethical Bean Coffee !! Yum!
  5. There’s a big prize to be won and you could win just by showing up! The Vancouver Jewish Film Festival and Vancouver’s Independent Cinema guide: City Reels, is awarding a Tech Gift Basket with $1,000 worth of goodies and a trip for two to the Whistler Film Festival that includes hotel accommodation and two VIP passes to the Festival (one entry per screening)
  6. Each of our sponsors has donated raffle prizes – get more for less!
  7. Over 700,000 Canadians require food bank assistance and lack access to good food – come learn how you can help
  8. All this for $20, while contributing to a world of difference.

Any questions? Need more info?  Click here to join us on Facebook & Twitter or email us

Click to view the Food Stamped Trailer

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