We LOVE our community partners and sponsors

We’re happy to announce that this weekend’s screening of Food Stamped just got better and little sweeter with baked goods from Greens Organic and Natural Market, Ethical Bean Coffee, Terra Chips, Hains Celestial, Seeds of Plenty and Garden of Eatin’

For those of you who haven’t heard yet, we’ve put together a terrific Sunday afternoon with film, food, drinks, friends, discussion, prizes and more. Check out the goods –

We will be holding a matinee film screening of  Food Stamped. This eye opening, humorous and award winning documentary film follows a school nutrition educator, Shira Potash and her husband as they attempt to eat a healthy and well-balanced diet on a food stamp budget ($1/meal/person!)! Here in Canada we have similar challenges with over 700,000 Canadians on food bank assistance and many on a food budget of $4/day.

 The World in a Garden knows the importance of creating local food systems, increasing  access to healthy food and empowering community to grow more food!

 Please join us for this important event and fundraiser. All events proceeds go to creating change in your community

 Our partner Jewish Film Festival has tickets ready for purchase online at www.vjff.org

 Buy ONLINE  today and be entered to win a gift basket from Seeds of Plenty and The World in a Garden, valued at  $150!

 We’ve got more reasons to come with delectable treats from Greens Organic Market, Terra Chips, Garden of Eatin’, Seeds of Plenty and Ethical Bean Coffee !! Yum!

 And if that’s not enough, there’s one more treat in store – read below!

 The Vancouver Jewish Film Festival and Vancouver’s Independent Cinema guide: City Reels, is awarding a Tech Gift Basket with $1,000 worth of goodies and a trip for two to the Whistler Film Festival that includes hotel accommodation and two VIP passes to the Festival (one entry per screening)

 Any questions? Need more info?  Click here to join us on Facebook & Twitter or email us

 Click to view the Food Stamped Trailer

 Please spread this email far and wide to help make this a sold out event!

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