Hungry for Change? We are! Join us in our Hungry $4 Change Challenge & Food Stamped Film Screening

Get Hungry for Change with The World in a Garden

Join The World In A Garden, Jewish Film Festival &  JFSA for the “Hungry $4 Change Challenge”
Can you eat healthy, nutritious food on $4/day? From June 8 – 11th we invite you to take the “Hungry $4 Change Challenge”

Did you know that over 700,000 Canadians live on a $4/day food budget?

We challenge you to live the Food Stamped film and eat within the $4/day food budget for four days. Join other challengers by posting your meal ideas and experiences on our Facebook page leading up to the June 12th film screening of Food Stamped. 

For more information about joining the “Hungry $4 Change Challenge” or to be entered in our draw to win a Vij’s cookbook or a workshop from The World In A Garden’s Seed to Table workshop series email

Please note that all winners will be announced at the film screening and must be present to claim their prize.

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