10 Reasons to Volunteer at the Spring Starter, this Sunday, April 10th

We are pumped for The World In A Garden’s first community volunteer day of the year, Spring Starter! And YOU are invited 🙂

When: Sunday, April 10, 11am-3pm

Where: W. 57th & East Blvd., Across from Choices

RSVP to: Alicia abaddorf@udel.edu or 604.257.5151 ext. 213

WHY should I be there?

1. Special PRIZE draw! Who doesn’t like free stuff? All you have to do is show up to volunteer and you’re automatically eligible to win a free gift basket from Seeds of Plenty, an organic sprouted cookie company & more!

There’s more! If you become a fan of our Facebook page, and come to to volunteer, you are eligible to win a free Potato Fusion kit!

2. Okay, if you don’t win, you can still purchase a Potato Fusion kit for $15! Sunday is our last potato kit sale day,  so don’t wait till next year…

3. Hang out with your neighbors and friends in the warm April sunshine! The garden is the perfect place to meet new (awesome) people, make new friends and spend some quality time outdoors with your family & friends.

4. See what’s growin’ on up at the garden…kale, garlic, tulips…just to name a few. Come and see for yourself!

5. Join us on a garden tour. We’ll show you what the garden has to offer, and talk about the exciting new projects we have in store for summer!

6. Free snacks & coffee! Really no need to justify this one…

7. Education…we get to teach you about the importance of the local food system we have going on & you can offer us suggestions  as well! We can help each other learn and grow as a community.

8. Be a part of the dramatic transformation of the garden. There is ALWAYS work to be done. You make our project possible & when you take part, you get to see your hard work manifested.

9. Help us help the environment! You can make a difference just by putting in a few hours of your time. You’re helping us make Vancouver the Greenest City 🙂

10. Get involved in our unique project and your community. Volunteers are absolutely critical to the success of TWIAG. We appreciate your help more than anything !

We look forward to seeing you there!

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