Potato Kits Selling Like Hot Potatoes at TWIAG – Come get yours!

Yesterday the garden was teeming with potato growers at The World In A Garden’s 2nd Annual Potato Fusion Workshop. A diverse group of members from all over the community joined us to construct their very own potato fusion kits and raise money for a couple of good causes. The vibrant and vivacious Gin Nielsen of Project Somos walked us through the workshop as we planted the potatoes and topped them off with organic lettuce starters. Everyone walked away with a sac of ready to grow potatoes and a smile on their face!

If you missed the workshop, good news!! We are still selling potato fusion kits for $15 each.


Wed. March 30, 4:30-6:30pm

Wed. April 6, 4:30-6:30pm

Sun. April 10, 11am-3pm


Your kit will include:

– 2 used burlap coffee sacs donated by Ethical Bean Coffee 

– Nutrient-rich soil donated by MyGardenBag.com

– Organic potatoes donated by Helmers Organic

– An organic lettuce starter plant

If you’d like to purchase a kit, please contact Alicia via phone 604.257.5151 ext. 213 or by e-mail abaddorf@jfsa.ca.

All of the proceeds are donated to TWIAG & Project Somos, a sustainable eco-village in Guatemala for orphaned and abandoned children.

For more photos from the event, join our page on Facebook at: https://www.facebook.com/TheWorldInAGarden

Picking out some delicious organic potatoes!!

Lovely Gin of Project Somos talk potatoes

A big thank you to Ethical Bean Coffee, who donated potato sacs and coffee for our event!

“It’s so easy, even adults can do it!” Jose shows the adults how it’s done…

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