Winter Clean Up Success!

Special Thanks to Inspire Canada and Maximizer Software for their help with the garden!

Last Friday, the corporate team from Maximizer Software joined us at the garden to help tidy up in the midst of this cold winter. After days of rain, the sun gods blessed us with a beautiful day for working outdoors!

Michael Samson of Inspire Canada brought us the energetic team from Maximizer to clean up the garden and do some team building exercises. Tricia started things off with a brief tour of the garden and an explanation of the project. The volunteers then dove into the clean up work, which involved everything from pulling out the dead sunflowers to harvesting the beautiful carrots that survived the winter!

Michael then led the crew in a team building exercise, in which three different groups developed and performed original skits promoting The World in A Garden. As the judges, we had the task of deciding which one to post on the website. Along with having their efforts posted on the blog, the winning team received a wonderful gift basket from Seeds of Plenty. We will have the winning video up soon!

The crew got back to work again and finished clearing out the weeds from the garden. All of their hard work led to this incredible transformation.

We ended the day with a final session of team building in which we discussed our New Year’s resolutions and what we can do to follow through with them.

It was a beautiful day and truly rewarding to see everyone come together to support The World In A Garden project. Everyone enjoyed a break from the office to spend sometime outdoors contributing to the garden. What a fabulous job this small group did to improve the garden in a big way! The Maximizer team is much appreciated for coming out to lend a hand, as is Michael for bringing the team to us through Inspire Canada.

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