Ethical Fundraising for The World in a Garden


The World in a Garden is excited to announce a new way to do your holiday giving as well as help the garden grow! This year  Seeds of Plenty’s ethical gift baskets will donate $5 of every basket back to the garden!

Here’s more from Seeds of Plenty:

This little sprouted cookie company makes baskets of huge value!

Filled with a  variety of artisan products by those who share our commitment to social responsibility and environmental sustainability the value of our product reaches far beyond your dollar. Our baskets feature local companies who are committed to ethical sourcing of ingredients and products.

With a focus on food provenance we are showcasing companies such as Dao Tea, Farmstead Wines, Terra Breads and of course our own organic sprouted flour cookies made from ancient grains.  From our hands to your mouth each cookie is made with the finest fair trade and organic ingredients with your health and taste buds in mind.

Please view this Seeds of Plenty Holiday Basket Order Form to contact us about our signature or custom made baskets to fill your corporate or personal gift needs.  

Also this year we are featuring Water Hyacinth baskets. Water Hyacinth is an invasive water weed found throughout  Africa and China where it has infested many water bodies, causing a decline of native biodiversity & deterioration of aquatic environments as well as  the spread of malaria. Creating a viable ecological and economical solution to the problem, locals are harvesting the water hyacinth to manufacture basket and furniture – and we want to support them!

 Seeds of Plenty also offers the perfect stocking stuffer or holiday treat with our individual packages of 6 cookies. Orders can be processed by email, phone or on our website at   Please pass this along to family, friends and colleagues.

May this message find you well and we wish you a wonderful holiday season!

Ethical Fundraising with Seeds of Plenty's holiday baskets

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