A Winter’s Garden

A Winter’s Garden

The garden naturally inspires me and as I tended to and observed the garden over the winter, I was indeed inspired. Through its natural processes, the garden acquired a new presence, inviting in the quietness and rest that the winter promises.

“A Winter’s Garden” works in ways that do not provide the instant gratification of bountiful summer crops or the splendor they accompany. Seedlings do not sprout every few days, for things grow slowly and on mild, almost warm, winter days there is a slight smell of decay in the air. Visitors are few in a winter’s garden and activity dwindles. There are even comments about how “dead” it looks and yet I see something different.

There is deeper work going on. Throughout the garden there are decaying plants that nourish the soil with seeds and nutrients. There is the tireless Earthworm assimilating the remains of a fall harvest to offer richer soil in the spring. Perhaps most importantly, there is quietness in this garden that reminds us to rest. It tells us that rest, too, is an important part of the cycle and a time when the learnings of our hard work can be integrated to create something richer in the season to come.

Purple Kale Crop

Purple Sprouting Broccoli


Some plants take on a restful nature just by growing slowly, like the purple sprouting broccoli I discovered 2 weeks ago.
The broccoli plant grows quite tall and wide before it produces the broccoli at the center of its leaves and after a full summer of growing and a fall of nothing to show for except an abundance of green foliage, it seems that these little purple “flower-ettes” have suddenly appeared! I have to confess I may have been overly excited to meet these little purple sprouts after months of waiting…as they say, “Infinite patience provides immediate results”.

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